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From The Perch : Episode 8 with Guest Lara Joseph

June 7th, 2016

It's been way too long!  Everyone finally got coordinated and were able to do another podcast and bring back one of our favorite guests, Lara Joseph from The Animal Behavior Center.  This episode we touch on Jason winning the Apple Award (1:08:30), tips on if your bird decides to escape and why Greywood Manor Tea Blends are beneficial for adding wellness to your birds.  At then end of the show we interview the illustrious Lara Joseph and chat with her about the many ways you can take seminars from her, the amazing four day event coming in October, her work at local zoos and variations of training and behavior (and lots more).  

**disclaimer** there were some sound glitches during some of the segments, we are fully aware and apologize.  We also appreciate your understanding while we continue to improve our show and it's content.  
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